Our overarching objectives are to support, inspire and encourage succeeding generations of medical students to excel as doctors and maintain the college of medicine, university of Ibadan international reputation for excellence in teaching, clinical and academic medicine.

There is an urgent and greater need to support medical students because of post pandemic cost of living crisis. Currently we are funding annual scholarship programmes for 10 indigent medical students and hope to expand the number of scholarships, upgrading and furnishing IMSG pre-clinical library and are involved in other initiatives and infrastructure projects to support and improve the wellbeing and enhance the learning environment of medical students.

What we do at IMSG

Ibadan Medical Specialists Group (IMSG) is a registered charitable organisation (UK Charities Commission number 1090030), established in 1995 by a group of UK-based medical graduates of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.

IMSG’s objectives centre around the promotion of medical education and research in Ibadan. Its activities reflect these objectives and over the years have included the following:

Computers for E Latunde Odeku Medical Library
1996 to 2010
Theatre clothing and shoe covers for medical students
Heavy-duty photocopier for E Latunde Odeku Medical Library, through UK fund-raising
from 1998
Journal subscriptions for E Latunde Odeku Medical Library
Fax machine for E latunde Odeku Medical Library
from 2000
Overhead projectors for various College of Medicine departments
from 2001
Travelling Fellowship for resident doctors
from 2001
Annual IMSG Symposium at the College Annual Alumni Week
from 2003
Audiovisual package of laptop + overhead projector for various faculties
College Prize for medical students
from 2009
Support for the IT Department in the form of staff training sponsorship

Since 2005, IMSG has undertaken four fund-raising dinners in the UK on behalf of the College. Each of these events raised an average of £10,000. This has been used for the following projects:

Projection Microscope package for Pathology Lecture Theatre, 4th Floor, Clinical Sciences Building (Installed 2006)
Wireless network (Internet Access) system for the College of Medicine
Projection Microscope package for the Physiology Lecture Theatre in the Pre-clinical School of the College of Medicine
Heavy duty photocopier presented to the College on 31 October 2012

IMSG also funds a subsidiary journal, the Journal of Global Medicine. The journal aims to increase access of high-quality research to low and middle income countries. The journal was created by IMSG member Dr Funso Adedeji.

About Us

Executive Commitee

President: Bode Williams
Vice President: Biodun Abioye
Secretary General: Femi Adebajo
Deputy Secretary General: Tolulope Ogunmuko
Finance Secretary: Abel Adegoke 
Education and research secretary: Dejo Olaleye
Ex-officio member: Banji Adeyoju 


Regulatory authority
UK Charity Commission
Charity Commission Website

Name of Organisation
Ibadan Medical Specialists Group (IMSG)

UK Charity Commission number 1090030


IMSG membership is currently by invitation. However, if you support what we do, share the same interests and are willing to help, then why not contact us. If you would like to participate directly, please contact a member you know.

You may also wish to support the organisation without being a member. All assistance goes towards the same cause.