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Symposium Cancer & Research & Audit by Residents

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•We are delighted to announce that IMSG-UK annual symposium and seminar for medical students and  postgraduate doctors will take place on Wednesday 8th November 2023.

•This year’s symposium and seminar themes are Cancer and Research and Audit.

•Our line up of distinguished speakers will share insights on epidemiology, advancement in diagnosis and treatment of cancers. During the seminar, our expert speakers will provide practical guides on research and audit methodology and there will be lively discussions and exchange of ideas.

•This year the IMSG has doubled the donation for the scholarship program for underprivileged medical students

•20 medical students will receive this scholarship award academic year. This much needed financial assistance will contribute towards their tuition and subsistence fees

The IMSG provides financial assistance to University of Ibadan Medical Student Association UIMSA to support their continuing  medical education activities and sponsors the UIMSA-IMSG interclass quiz prize.
•Our contributions have laid the groundwork for strong educational partnership and collaboration with UIMSA

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